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Trying to afford a better tablet and laptop to work with.

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United States
I'm a military brony with a strong passion for art and writing. Working on my new manga like art style for ponies. Let me know what you think and if you want me to draw and vector your OC we can discuss a price. I usually charge $20, $30 at the most and $15 is the lowest I will go. Follow me on Twitter: or my Skype ValkyrieKnightX7.0 Nitro.
So as you know for those who have read my recent Deviant journal posts, which is only like...three of you, I have recently got my fire as an artist back thanks to several people in my life and people I have meet during Bronycon 2014. So the plan is to get some art commissions going to help me get a sponsor badge for Bronycon 2015. I tried doing this back around Fall/Winter but I never really got much in  the way of commissions. Then again a huge part of that is on me since I was a bit lazy on posting my finished works. I ended up losing a lot of them because my sorry excuse of a laptop was crawling with viruses after I downloaded a virus cleverly disguised as Microsoft Security Essentials. So my laptop was caked with viruses and would turn my laptop off after 12 mins of it being on. It also corrupted much of my files so I had to wipe the damned thing and start all over with a clean slate.

Ok, I'm getting off track. So yeah, now that I am going to be uploading art more frequently every few days I plan on opening up for Art Commissions again. I am updating the price since not many people come to me often. If you feel that it is out of your price range I am sorry but it is time consuming for me to vector these drawings. That and well, I am trying to get a better laptop so I can do more things in terms of art and I plan on getting into video making for YouTube as well for a special project that I have been dying to work on in forever. So below I will have the following prices.

Plain black and white pencil drawing with Ink: $7.50 

Calamity taking flak. by ValkyrieKnightX7

Neat and pretty traditional pencil drawing with ink and colored pencil: Starts at $15.00. Added characters +$3.25

We are not defined by words, but by our actions. by ValkyrieKnightX7

Razor Wind and Dashie by ValkyrieKnightX7

Vectored digital art: $20.00-$30.00 depending on complexity. Added characters +$5.00

Razor Wind Relaxing On A Cloud by ValkyrieKnightX7

So yeah that is all of my available types of commissions so far. If you want something special such as a Fanfic cover for FiM Fiction or if you are one of those Brony Analysts we can discuss over pricing and all that via any of the following means of communication below. These same communication options apply for regular customers as well.

Skype: ValkyrieKnightX7.0


Tumblr: Do not have a blog yet because I am a Tumblr n00b. :/

Reddit: In the process of making one and will update info with next Deviant Journal Entry.
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